Seven Strategies On How To Build a Great Book of Business

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Ask the importance of building book of business to a sales person who earns his livelihood through commission. He will tell you it is the only factor that decides whether he will sell the product or not. You could follow the following strategies on how to build a great book of business. 

1. Record everything
 Make sure you have all the basic information, name, address, email address and phone number. Record them on your database management system. Sounds like huge task but it will be one time work. Hire someone who can do it for you. You could meet the customers face to face and have someone record the details. 

2. Get the personal information
 Once you have the basic information, work on their personal details. Where they work? What is unique about them? Get the details that you could use as reference. Do not forget to get the details of their family members. Use these details to create a relationship with them. 

3. Get rid of useless details 
Every two years got through your database and clean old contacts. Clear all the incorrect or missed information. Contact your database management service and let them know you want to do housekeeping. They will keep you in the loop and check all information. 

4. Data mining
 Data mining in recent times have become important. Today, there huge demand of quality data miners. This is all about finding the person of interest for you from your database. Find the perfect customers for business and what they look like? Compile ample data on such customers. In addition, find people who had good relationship in past. 

5. Grow your network
 It is key to grow a business. Every day a sales person meets new person and it would wise to take their contact details. Even if they seem uninterested in present, they could become customers in future. Make it point to add new person every day. More quickly you gather your customer better, it is for the growth the business. 

6. Share your news 
Once in a month get in touch with your potential client. Monthly newsletter, postcards, and offers are great way to reach out to your customers. Just send them an email, even if it merely says hello. Whenever you have new product or service, send it first to your customers. If you they have bought it from you in the past, they are more likely to buy it in future. 

7. Follow up
 Every week call your loyal customers know how your services or products are working for them. Some say meeting face to face is quite productive, you could use it. Stay in touch on social networking sites like Facebook, or Twitter. Learn more about them. Information you gather from them could be used to get new customer and sell more products. 

All these strategies will work if you go through the regularly and keep updating your database with new clients and new information. Build a relationship with regular customers and provide your personal attention to them if they buy regularly from you. Be active when you build you book of business.

How To Build A Business Text Messaging Sms Alerts Program

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Adequate connection with customers is becoming more important than ever. Business text messaging is one of the highly effective techniques of communication to prospective clients. However, the use of electronic devices to send business texts does not guarantee success. In other words, if the text does not resonate with the customers and/or motivate them to act immediately, then the text message would not have made desired impact. There is a number of tips that one should use whenever sending business texts to ensure that the customers read them and act.

i. Be focused and brief
The business text should be brief and focused. That is, whenever sending a business text, an individual should not include unnecessary details or fluff. Those sending the texts should know the target audience and address them directly. The business text should not include extraneous details but only describe ways in customers can take advantage of the offer as well as its benefits.

ii. Avoid abbreviations and slang
If the text message resembles a spam, customers are likely to delete the text even without a second thought. Therefore, it is important that those sending the message leave out details that might look too promotional. For example, the text message should not include marketing hype such as “amazing” offers and text abbreviations. This is because such information might make the brand seem too cheap thereby destroying the campaign.

iii. Offer brand of immediate value
Most customers are not interested in getting text messages from firms unless the text presents something with immediate value. Since a business text is an instantaneous medium of communicating with customers, those sending the text should only include real-time offers. Whether a businessperson is giving information regarding the sale or new products, the text message should tell the target population why they should act immediately.

iv. Identify yourself
Sometimes those sending business text messaging fails to identify the brand or the firm. Such texts show only contact number that the customer might not recognize and a vague text message that might have come from any firm. In most cases, the recipient deletes such anonymous text. Therefore, to avoid having the text being deleted without being read, it is important for those sending the message to identify the offer and the firm. Failure to ensure full identification, the text might be treated as spam and deleted.

v. Make the recipient to feel special
Those sending business texts should avoid filling the customers’ text message inboxes with news and brands that they could get from the company’s website. For example, the text message should avoid information on locations. Instead, those sending the text message should make the recipients of the text feel that they are not only special, but also qualified for exclusive promotions. Failure to ensure this, the customers are likely to opt out of getting any business from the company in the future.
Those are some of the tips that an individual should use to ensure that the text not only impresses the target population, but also motivates them to act immediately. Failure to follow the steps, the customer might end up deleting the text even without reading it.

Steps On How To Build A Boat Using Plywood

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Picking a few pieces of marine plywood, adding some imagination and sparing some hours during the weekend can consequently build an awesome plywood boat. Additionally, building a boat with an armored transom where an outboard motor can be mounted on can be a feasible source of leisure for anyone who wishes to spend a moment or two on the water. Here’s how to build a boat:

Materials Needed

Plywood, marine, inch and ¼ inch

1 by 10-inch planking

2 by 4-inch lumber

Basic carpentry gears

Boat screws #12, 21/2, 3 and 6–inch length

China marker and silicone caulk

Work gloves, safety glasses and paint brushes

Acrylic latex primer, paint and exterior gloss


1. The ribs must first be built using the 2 by 4 inch lumber and the gussets cut and attached to strengthen the rib joints from the ¼ inch marine plywood. The ribs are meant to secure the entire boat’s structure.

2. The keel should later be built by cutting a 2 by 4 to boat length. The stern post, also sliced from a 2 by 4, is then attached to the “aft” keel end using #12 6-inch boat screws. The keel is meant to function as the spine of the boat. The stern post is the keel extension and offers reinforcement and stability to the transom.

3. After that, the ribs are turned upside down so the stern post and the keel can be attached using the #12 3-inch screws. The last rib set should be fixed at the boat’s forward end to shape the bow, and the keelson fixed in the ribs using #12 6-inch screws.

4. The next step involves attaching the stringers to the ribs inside, on the base and then outside the ribs using boat screws. The stringers are meant to give more lateral force to the boat hull and helps to stop longitudinal flexing, which may crack the keel or the boat- in half.

5. The next step is to form the hull’s skin. This will include cutting the marine plywood to fit, and then using the #12 3-inch boat screws to fix the plywood to the stringers and ribs at each point they touch. The seams should then be filled with caulk, both outside and inside the boat.

6. After that is done, the 1 by 10-inch planking must then be cut to fit in between the ribs uprights, under the gunwales, to create the seats. The gussets are also cut to serve as seat supports. To do this, they should be fixed to the boat ribs using #12 2 -inch boat screws.

7. After the boat is complete, it should be tied to the shore for a float test. It should then be watched for about two to three hours to check if water leaks in the built boat. If so, the leaks can be marked using a china marker and then re-caulked, paying special notice to the marked areas. The caulk should later be left to cure and then one can enjoy their built boat as much as they wish to.


Building a boat is not as hard as many people think. It simply involves taking the time, concentration and the passion to build something one would like to use for recreation. In addition, the above guidelines above gives clear instructions on how to build a boat easily and fast.

How To Build A Deck Easily

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Building a deck could be a huge challenge, but worth it at long last. And with easy step-by-step guidelines, everything becomes much easier. Before the job is started, it’s vital to first plan for a simple deck that fits the shape and size of the backyard. The backyard level should also be basically flat and if not, beams and posts should be installed. Below are a few simple steps on how to put up a deck:

Materials and Tools Needed

• Agi pipe and weed killer

• Timber poles (90mm x 90mm)

• Bearers and joists

• Decking

• Dry concrete, stirrup bucket and Dyna bolts

• Coach bolts, bordering anchors, decking nails and timber finish or oil

• Tape measure, rake, shovel and spirit level

• Nail punch, string line, hand saw and hammer

Step-by-step Instructions

1.The work should begin by calculating the deck dimensions and making note of where the drains, stairs and gas tubes are located. The ground should then be weeded and Agi Pipe laid to avoid water from hanging beneath.

2. Designing the deck: Strings are then used to mark out the width and length of the deck to where it joins the house.

3. Fixing the posts: The footings should then be laid out each 1800mm from the residence at about 1500mm centers. Holes are later dug and concrete dispensed into them. A stirrup bucket must be set in the middle of the pad to let about 75mm clearance linking the post bottom and the ground. After that is done, posts are fitted and cut to length considering the railing height desired around the deck.

4. Fitting the bearers: After that, the bearer, joist and decking thickness should be measured, down from the floor stature against the house wall. A piece of timber is then attached against the wall using a screw or bolt each 450m next to the bearer. The remaining bearers can be attached to the posts with framing anchors or a housing-joint.

5. Fixing floor joists: From there, the joists are fixed crosswise the fitted bearers at about 450mm with framing anchors.

6. Fitting the decking: The decking should then be laid across the fixed joists and nailed to every joint using two galvanized nails or screws. It is always advisable to use wood pieces with a thickness of about 5mm as a spacer to have a neat finish. It is also good to ensure that all joins inside the decking timber are above a joist and a nail punch should be used to get nails under the timber facade.

7. Adding finish to the completed deck: Finally, the deck can be painted or oiled with any color choice. It is also good to research on oils and paints that are most appropriate for the deck. And after the deck is fully built, a barbecue grill together with some deck furniture can be moved on the new deck and one can start enjoying their beautiful work.


Learning how to build a deck with the above simple steps could be overwhelming, but once the passion and time is given, it becomes a walk in the park. Nevertheless, it is important to always be safe when undertaking the job. Safety glasses and ear protectors should be worn when using hand or power tools and noisy power tools, respectively.

How To Build Employee Service Awards Recognition Programs

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Steps and tips to build employee service awards recognition programs.

Think About Your Employees – First you ought to think about your administration and representatives; How you manage your workers? It is inviting approach or something like a business. What is your office environment? Is your business client situated or generation driven?

2. Focus Program Goals – Do an investigation to check what worker recognition program can get to be gainful for your association. Check their conduct, execution and attempt to realize that which level obliges some change. To start with attempt to setup award system to that level to energize them. Converse with your workers and administration to think about their desires. You can likewise counsel with some top administration workers to recognize the recognition award level.

3. Qualification Criteria – Sometimes you can’t perceive each representative with same recompenses so you can set up some qualification criteria of the grants. Yet these ought to be same for a certain portion of representatives. You can remunerate some senior representatives for their long administrations and exhibitions.

4. Distinguish the Correct Decision – If you have a substantial association then it gets to be extreme assignment to recognize the right administration recognition recompenses. So you can pass the choice criteria to your top managers so they can separate a recompense level and gathering as indicated by their own exhibitions and gatherings. Here you will likewise get an execution report of your workers from your administrators to designate at the employee service awards winners. So it gets to be not difficult to separate a recompense level. Without a doubt you will get distinctive choices from diverse persons of top administration so you can coordinate them to compose a best worker distinguished program as indicated by your financial plan.

5. Time- There ought to be a fitting timetable for a prize system. You can likewise set up a worker of the month/quarter or year program. It generally helps you in the event that you provide for a few recompenses to a few representatives after a specific task finished or a huge execution. It likewise supports other lesser workers. Never miss a grant time plan as a worker dependably sits tight for some recognition on the off chance that he realizes that there is something for him after that month. Additionally they endeavor to catch the worker of the month award which straightforwardly relies on upon their execution in the month.

6. Convey Your Recognition Program – It relies on upon your association society whether you need to set up an on-the-spot trade recompenses in for money your office or you can sort out some occasion to perceive your workers with composed acknowledgement and trophies. It likewise serves to build open qualities and relationship of your association. You can show the name of the victors in your organization’s bulletin. Be that as it may everything relies on upon time, plan and your organization’s strategy. However there ought to be one major award service after consistently in which CEO may exhibit employee recognition awards programs and gifts to their best representatives.

7. Adaptability -You are giving same blessing or grant after every time period then it gets to be exhausting for workers. There ought to be adaptability in your recompense program approach. Each prize system must be set up by considering your representatives bliss in your psyche. You ought to additionally hear your base workers now and again they can give a superior proposal than your top administration.

Benefits of service awards, employee recognition programs

-Sales Incentives: This is the #1 application for grant programs. The attention here is on enhancing execution and self regard.

-Service Award Programs: By decidedly strengthening practices, an organization can enhance quality and profit, or attain to other authoritative objectives.

-Safety Programs: By remunerating workers for honing safe work propensities, the superintendent will reduce mishaps and adequately decrease the expense connected with at work wounds and diminish the expense of turnover and non-appearance and expand resolve

-Encourage the kind of correspondence, collaboration and solidarity important to assemble a submitted and devoted group that can meet as well as surpass client desires?

How To Build The Perfect Business Management Team

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It only takes a great leadership to build perfect business management team. It will be effective for you to build your team demands by assigning work to people’s strengths. It means that people are given responsibilities with accordance to their skill levels and not on the basis of friendship, relation or whether you admire their sunny personality. A smart entrepreneur will hire a qualified person to be the boss as long as he or she realizes that his or her skill fits elsewhere in the company. When it reaches a time to hire management team the following ways will help you build a successful executive team.

Be aware of your leadership style and technique

Are your leadership style and techniques effective? How does the team you are leading view them or think about them? You should evaluate yourself and think critically on ways you can improve them. Concentrate on areas that touch the people you are leading and be accountable to course correct, modify your approach. By doing all these it will portray the strength of your leadership and the respect you get from those whom you lead. You should be your own boss and realize who you are as the leader.

Know the rest of the team

Great leaders are those who act as a top business consulting firm and know the right button to push and when to push them. Great leaders should be professionals that activate any talent that surrounds them. They should be effective when it comes to matching areas of subject matter and be competent enough to solve problems and seek new solutions.

A leader who knows his or her team shows how much time he or she has invested to understand them and knows what is required of him or her to motivate them to excel above what is expected of them.

Define roles and responsibilities

You find most people’s ideal roles goes outside the descriptions of their jobs. It is good to clearly define roles and responsibilities of those on your team. Make sure that each of your member’s roles is interconnected and depends upon one another. Discover talent of your best management consulting services including CEO, CFO, CSO. The best team is one that operates like a mosaic whereby unique strengths and differences are converted in one powerful united force.

You should be proactive with feedback

Make sure that your team stays on the track and is improving each day. The feedback should be proactive and constant. Many leaders will wait for a problem to emerge before they provide feedback. Feedback can either be formal or informal. What you need to know is that every team is different and you should be prepared to treat them as such. You should allow proactive feedback to serve your team as the facilitator of continuous improvement.

Make sure you acknowledge and reward

Most people love recognition and they do appreciate respect. Your teammates will be very appreciative if they are given the proper accolades they have worked for. A person who is acknowledged, his work will always bring him or her greater satisfaction and eventually he or she will be of purpose.

You should always celebrate success

Celebration of success goes beyond acknowledgement because is about looking back on what you have accomplished as a team and what you have been able to learn throughout the journey. Celebration being a short lived activity you should not get away with it. It reminds you of what made you cross the line.

In a nutshell, business consulting, management consulting is the way forward for greatness. Great leaders know that the right team dynamics, diverse personalities and good decision making wins the race.

How To Build Credit

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Any individual that doesn’t have a credit history is often advised to build one; a situation is bound to arise in which you might require a loan. And dealing with a bank is always simpler, when it comes to such matters, for individuals with respectable credit.

A credit history allows an individual or financial institution to determine your ability to repay a loan and whether or not they should take the risk of doing business with you.

How to build credit:

Building credit takes time; while there are some steps you can take to elevate your credit status over night, laying the foundation for a solid and dependable credit history, one that will serve your interest for the rest of your life, will require time and effort.

The approaches for achieving this objective will vary depending on the individual and situation in question and will include the following:

1. Start by opening a bank account; while it is true that bank accounts do not often appear on credit reports, their presence creates a picture of stability. This of course assumes that one is able to manage their bank accounts efficiently and optimally, because a record of bounced checks will not reflect positively on your image. None the less, because the first question most lenders ask is whether or not one has a bank account, opening one is prudent behavior.

2. Acquire a Secured Credit card; accessible from various financial institutions, secured credit cards are pretty easy to acquire and will require an individual to deposit an amount equal to the limit of the card before they can begin using it. As such one can spend with the knowledge that, in the event that they fail to make their payments, the bank will simply take the deposit. Basically an effective means of accruing some revolving account history.

3. Consider opening up an account with a co-signer, preferably one with superior credit to your own. The idea is to make use of your co-signer to qualify for a loan even while taking the necessary steps to build your credit, seeing as lenders will consider your co-signers credit as well as your own when processing a loan application. Admittedly you stand the risk of ruining your co-signer’s credit in the event that you fail to make your payments.

4. One of the easiest and most effective means of building your credit is basically piggybacking on another individual’s good credit; whether it is a friend or sibling, becoming an authorized user of another individual’s credit card will augment your own credit, seeing as the credit card account is added to your own credit files.

5. Consider applying for a personal loan; an unsecured personal loan will provide you the opportunity to make monthly payments on a regular basis, an activity that will positively impact your score with many a credit scoring program, this as opposed to dealing with the hassle of credit cards.

6. Make use of retailer programs where possible, especially for large purchases. Qualifying for credit payment plans is simple for most stores; and gas station cards can also prove just as effective in your endeavor to build credit.

While attempting to build your credit history, it is important to take the necessary security steps to prevent problems such as identity theft that might undo the results of your hard work; which is why it is advisable to monitor one’s credit reports on a regular basis.

How To Build A Law Firm

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For you to start a successful law firm, you have to put your strategies properly. Law is one of the most competitive fields in the current world thus you have to give it your all. Patience is also an important aspect as you plan to start your law firm since it will take you time to establish yourself properly in this field. Below is a list of tips that will help you build your own law firm:

• Specialize in one area of law
This is a critical step that you need to take. Pick one area of law then practice exclusively on it. For example you can choose to practice criminal law and specialize as an expert dui attorney. Don’t try to do everything since you will end up frustrated. Choose an area that you have a passion in. This will help you easily penetrate the market. If you decide to practice on every area of law, you will look like a competitor to everyone in the law field. You will thus find it very difficult building your referral network. It is also advisable that you gain some experience in the area that you are planning to major in. once you have had enough exposure you can now start your own law firm comfortably. It also ensures you enter the market with enough confidence.

• Build a Website for your law firm
This is one of the best ways of making your law firm be known. Most people don’t use phonebooks when looking for a lawyer, they use Google. Most clients are likely to judge you negatively if you don’t have a website for your firm. Building a website in today’s world of technology won’t cost you must thus let it be a priority. Ensure you hire a competent web designer that will build you a user friendly and quality website.

• Focus on creating a huge referral network
The more network of clients that you have the faster your law firm will penetrate the market. Ensure that you inform people that you meet that you are planning to start you own law firm. Let them be aware of the area of law that you are intending to specialize in such as the dui lawyer services in the previous example. You can also approach some of the practicing lawyers and ask them how they get their clients. Build a good relationship with everyone that you come across including the practicing lawyers. Don’t focus on those that practice in your area of specialization only. Even those lawyers that don’t practice in your chosen area are likely to help you create a good referral network. Pay a fair referral fee to encourage people to send you more work. These fees usually vary depending on your area of specialization.

• Become a member of various law organizations
Since your law firm is still fresh in the market, you may need help from other lawyers. Most of these organizations have listservs. A listserv refers to an email address that any member of the organization can email so that all the members are able to receive his\her email. This will ensure that your questions are answered immediately without much struggle. It will also help you have a mentor as you try to penetrate the market. Organizations will also give you a chance to work with experienced lawyers thus learning new tactics to build your law firm.

A Simple Guide On How To Build A Roof

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Roofing installation and building may seem to be a hard task especially if you have got no experience.It is wise to learn step by step details on how to go about it.Following the correct procedure will help you manage the whole project in a more professional way.First of all,ensure that you have every tool and equipment that you will require.Confirm that all the necessary materials are in the correct quantity and of good quality.Ensure that you are armed with a roof construction drawing plan which will guide you.


1.The first step is fixing the wall plate.This is usually a timber beam that is nailed on top of the walls whose purpose is to allow other timbers to be easily fixed at the wall interface.Better still,you can use metal straps to tie the the wall plate to the wall.

2.The ceiling joists are placed after the wall plate is well placed and in place.Fix the ceiling joists by skew nailing them directly into the wall plates.Ensure that they are firm and in place.Another option is to nail them in the position where they meet at the spine wall. Ceiling joists are important in making a working platform for the remaining tasks.Better still,they resist the forces that are applied after the rafters are loaded which can dangerously spread the supporting walls.

3.The third step is the preparation of the ridge beam.A ridge beam acts as a joining place for all the rafters to be placed on top of the roof.Once you position the beam correctly,you can determine the length of the rafter by measuring the beam from down to top.

4.Once the ridge is well-positioned,you can cut your first rafter.As stated earlier,you can be able to determine the length of the rafter by taking the ridge beam’s measurements.Rafter measurements must be very accurate.They should be properly marked out with the correct angles at both ends and also the position of the bird’s mouth joint before cutting them. This rafter is usually referred to as a “patterner”. Once its ready,other rafters can be cut from the patterner.This ensures that all rafter are cut into the same length and width.At the base,a pair of rafters can be fixed and then one edge of the ridge can be inserted between them and positioned in place.

5.Purlins should be installed before any kind loading is applied to the rafters.Purlins generally offer additional support to the rafters.They are usually fixed to gable end walls and are often positioned on a small projection of corbelled brickwood.

6.Once the roofing installation is in place,you can start covering the roof.For a Tiled roof,you start by fixing the sarking and should be fixed in strips from the bottom.Each strip should overlap each other by a few inches to ensure that rain water will not penetrate through.The tile batten can be nailed at a 100mm intervals.These provide a hanging and fixing location of the tiles.They also strengthen the roof.

7.The last step is tiling.You should nail the tiles to the batten.Start from the bottom of the roof and place them side by side with small gaps.

If you are able to follow the steps in order,you will need less roof repair in the future as a well constructed roof will serve you for many years.

How To Build A Computer

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Have you ever thought of building your own computer?

Well, the experience that you get from building your own computer can be that satisfying and fulfilling. In that when you build or upgrade your computer, then you get the opportunity to choose the components that you want to use and those which best fits your needs, that way you can always pick on some of the most premium components and those which will make your computer to be more stable, more powerful and of course more reliable and at a cheaper cost.Therefore before you begin to build your own computer or for instance a PC then you need to be ready with a motherboard, the computer case together with all the supporting components in preparation to assemble and to build your own computer. The first step to building your computer requires that you understand the type of machine that you would want to build and as to whether it is a small machine or a high end gaming computer or whether you require a very powerful machine with a lot of disk space foe editing.That said therefore, the steps to building your computer will be include

1.Open the PC case:
Open the case readiness to place everything in it, but ensure that you wear glove or some sort of hand protections to avoid the sharp edges:

2.Install the power supply:
Since everything that will be placed inside this case will draw power from here.Then install the power supply in the correct orientation, while making sure that that supply is pure enough to take care of all your to be installed components. While at it, ground yourself with an antistatic wrist wrap to help avoid electrostatic discharge which might be harmful to your computer.

3. Install the mother board:
This being the backbone of your computer that is connected to literally everything and almost to every component.Basically it will require that you add all the necessary component to the motherboard before having to install it in the case. As it is easier to access and it before you install the mother board into the case.

4. Install the the processor:
Once you have bought the processor that you wish to install, that is whether it is an Intel or simply an AMD processor that you wish to install. Check on the bottom if it is covered in flat gold dots if it is Intel or if it has gold pins that is if it an AMD processor. Open the CPU sockets, observe the pins carefully and match them with the sockets on the motherboard. Use the arrow on the processor to orient the processor properly on the motherboard.Close the socket and ensure that the CPU is secure.

5.Apply the thermal paste to the CPU;
Just apply a dot of the thermal paste on the CPU to allow the CPU to cool faster. Otherwise if it is a processor with heat sinks then you do not really need thermal paste as the heat sink already has thermal paste that was applied in the factory. That way, it will require that you then attach the heat sink to the motherboard.

6. Install the Ram;
Place the ram into the proper slot, that is by opening the latches and pushing the ram into it. Line the rams so that they can fit fully and that the slots are keyed appropriately into the matching slots.

7.Fit in the Internal cables:
After you have installed the motherboard and the power supply and fitted it with a processor together with the RAM modules. Then now it is time to connect them altogether. Accuracy when connecting the cable is mandatory to ensure that every wire is connected to its right port.

8 Install the hard disk and the SSD;
Whether you opt for the traditional hard disk or the more expensive, screw the hard drives into the case at the dedicated spots. Then connect it to power and to data as well.

9. Install an optical drive
Optical drive is a very important component to have in your PC, whether an old school DVD or simply the modern Blu ray by inserting into the right place.

10. Install a graphics card and the expansion cards:
If your processor and the mother board have an integrated graphics then you need not to add a graphics card otherwise a discreet card tend to be more useful and more powerful.

11.Put your PC back in together and in one shape:
Finally, get your checklist out to ensure that you have fitted all the components in their rightful position, from the motherboard to the processor, to the memory and the hard disk as well as graphics card. That said ensure that your case has room for future expansion.

How To Build A Casino Theme Party

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Building a casino theme party can make any party the talk of the town.

Casinos present so many ideas and there are various elements that could be incorporated in order to make it work.

The first thing to decide upon is the kind of Casino theme you like to set up.

There are different types of casino themes that could be used.

There are the traditional casino party additions such as slots, blackjack, crap and roulette and the people who play wear the attire of vintage 60s until the attire of the 80s and 90s.

1.Select an inspiration Casino
People, who are setting up a casino night, need to select the type of casino they are going to imitate and find inspiration from.

You can find inspiration from top Las Vegas casinos, or research on the best looking and most successful casinos in the past.

2.Order Casino party supplies
Nowadays creating a casino themed party is so easy to do. Just by browsing online you can rent or purchase Casino party supplies.

Casino party supplies will include props and accessories that could be used to decorate your party area.

The casino themed accessories would usually include a blackjack table cover, roulette wheels and some poker chips.

It could also include fake money, and casino visitors that can give the look of card dealing pro.

You can also rent or purchase slot machine room rolls, dollar pennant banners as well as casino flavored hanging decorations in order to excite your guest and build up the casino theme.

3.Make a casino themed invitation
In order to delight the guest and give them an idea on what they have to bring and what they need to wear, you can create a casino themed invitation.

You can just browse online and type the keyword casino themed parties and you would be able to print out some casino themed invitations or you can ask a customized printing center to do it for you.

If you do not want to spend so much money on invitation invites, you can just create an event online and post it on Facebook.
Put a casino themed photo, date and time, what the people need to wear and bring and you are all set.
4.Casino inspired balloons
If you want to make the party look even more festive, you can create or order casino inspired balloons. The balloons can have the shape of a heart or spade, or a casino club balloon.
5.Include Casino Games
In order to not let people down, you must include real casino games in the party. 
Have a table set for people who want to play Poker and make sure to purchase Casino playing cards as well as Casino poker chips. You can even include games like roulette wheel and include an actual dice. Make sure to provide comfortable seating for guests.
6.Have festive food and beverages
You can serve alcoholic drinks for adults, create punch and serve cocktails for guests who will be arriving at the venue. 
Creating a casino themed party means it has to be stylish, you also need to make sure that a good sound system is installed. You can also hire a party DJ in order to make it look even more grand. 

How To Build A Sloped Roof

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Building a sloping roof is one of the greatest ways of preventing water from pudding on your roof. In most instances, rain and snow tend to congregate on flat roofs leading to roof damage.

These damages often lower the roofs lifespan leading to higher costs of maintenance. In essence, home roofing repair can be expensive especially if you do not have the right information when building your roof. As such, it is important to ensure that you have the right information early in advance. If you are intending to build a house, one way of building a lasting roof is through coming up with a sloped roof design. On the other hand, you can change your flat roof into a sloped roof using the right dimensions. Some of the steps to follow when building a sloped roof include the following.

1. Get the things you need. Now that you are aware of the type of roof, you would like to have, it is important to get the right materials. In this case, it is highly recommended that you go the quality roofing materials that meet the accepted legal standards within your state or region. The things you need in order to build a sloping roof include a ridge beam, nails, nail gm, circular saw, plywood sheathing, felt, shingles, vents, aluminum drip edge, and 20 foot 2 by 10s.

2. Raising the laminated veneer ridge beam should be the second step. This ridge beam should be raised to reach the gable ends. The gable provides adequate support for the beam to your desired slope.

3. By use of the 20 foot 2 by 10s as rafters, you are supposed to position the rafters to the sides of the ridge beam. This takes place after marking each one with a ridge cut at the top. It is important to ensure that you secure each rafter in the right place by the use of nails and a nail gun. Get the plywood sheathing to cover the rafters. Plywood sheaths are important since they create a solid foundation for the first layer shingles.

4. Ensure that you prevent the moisture and heat from building from under the shingles. Adding ridge and soffit vents can do this. Furthermore, proper ventilation is also critical in enhancing the roof’s expectancy.

5. Critical points to note. It is important to bring other professional builders on board in order to assist you in getting the work done. In addition, during the process of shooting nails into the rafters, take caution and ensure that they move 3 to 4 into the top plate. This should be followed by another 3 to 4 into the joist. You should keen to avoid nailing any rafters without ensuring that they are straight.

Never skip any steps especially when you are doing the moisture proofing. Put in mind the fact that the roof is not just a bunch of shingles that are simply looking great. Rather, it is a critical part of your roof that should provide safety and warmth to your house. As such, it should be built in such a way that the processes and steps of roof repair are possible to manage. In addition, it should be long lasting.

How To Build A Go Kart

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Plan and pre-plan your plans
This may be the most important phase in the building process. You want to have a very detailed blueprint of what you want to build. This is especially true if you have any odd customizations or deviations from a typical go-kart, you want to make absolutely sure that you aren’t surprised by anything in the building phase.
Gather the pieces
Make sure you’re double checking the measurements on all of your tubing and bar stocks. Find a seat you think is comfortable enough and pick up an engine with enough juice left in it. You can often get an old lawnmower engine to work.
This is where most people will get scared off from the process of building your own go-kart. Make sure you’re taking every cut slow and deliberate, and that you’re always wearing the appropriate safety equipment. You are best off hiring a welder for this portion if you’ve never welded before. Remember, you can always opt out of welding and buy a go-kart kit, which will limit your customization options.
Building the body
Cut the metal tubing to your measurements and start welding the frame together. You’ll have to assemble your front axles first before moving to the back and assembling the wheels. Once that’s all together you can strt building the floor boards and driver’s seat out of whatever material you see fit. Make sure you’re leaving enough room for the steering wheel, you don’t want to be steering with your chest.
Mount the mount
You’re going to have to weld (or hire someone to) a thick, flat steel plate to your rear from in order to get your engine mounted. Place the engine on top of the plate and mark where the mounting bolts will need to be placed. You also want to make sure the engine pulley is going to align correctly with the pulley on the axle, or else your entire vehicle will be thrown off balance.
Steering linkage assembly
You’re going to have to make 90 degree bend in a steel rod in order to properly install the axles. You can muscle it (difficult) or you can use a blowtorch to heat up the metal into a more pliable state.
Wheels and brakes
For best acceleration and handling, a high quality set of small racing wheels are the way to go. Once their fixed into the axles you’ll be working on installation of the breaks. For obvious reasons, its crucial that you follow instructions exactly here.
Throttle attachments
Ideally you would construct a foot pedal to really give it an authentic racing feel, but once your throttle cables are attached you can run it like a lawnmower.
Double, triple-check and test
Before you take your completed go-kart on the road, you want to make absolutely certain that your brakes and suspension are intact the way that they should be. Once you’ve done that, take it to an open area and give it a spin at slow speeds. If you’re confident with your welds, then you’re ready to get racing.

4 Tips On How To Build An Sms Alerts Program

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Currently, sms alerts program can be one of the best ways to engage an audience. Not only is this new method of communication relatively inexpensive, but the number of people your message can reach within a very short time is astonishing. Whether you are a business trying to advertise new product and service or you are just an organization that wants to remind its members about a upcoming event, if this program is properly done, there is no way you will go wrong. For starters, the following are great and useful tips on how to build a very effective and successful sms alerts program for your business or organization.

1.Build a list of customers and clients to text to
First, before you even start to work on the message to be passed and communicated, you actually need to build a very long list of customers to text to. Interestingly, if you do not know how this can be easily done, there is no way your program will kick off. However, if you are holding any special event, trade show or lecture, you can actually cease the opportunity; use this great platform to gain subscribers by putting in place a kind of on-site signage asking the people in attendance to text a keyword in order for them to receive some basic information and special offers. Additionally, with radio advertisement, social media or outdoor billboards, you can easily persuade your customers to text your keyword.

2. Position your program
Secondly, seriously thinking when, how and why you want to communicate with a potential group of customers is paramount. As you continue to expand your marketing efforts, one of the most effective ways is to create some kind of incentive for your subscribers. After all, whether it is just a one-time-event or a product on offer, it will make more sense if you just give them enough reasons to text in. As if that is not enough; as a way of positioning your program in the industry, try everything possible and create an exclusive sms alerts platform group business text messaging service. It must sound like it is the only method that information can be received.

3. Create valuable information
Creating useful information is equally important when you are trying to passage a very concise and clear message to a very large number of people. How you phrase your message is very important. Many at times, we have seen a number of alert programs that fail to make an impact simply because of poorly phrased content and messages. Keep your call-to-action simple and enticing, as well. Plus, at the end of each message, ensure you give direction on how to stop the alerts if the customers wish to do so. It is important.

4. Get approval from service providers
Before your campaign is up and running, you need approval from carriers. Every sms alerts program must be approved by phone carrier; after all, they are the ones that will send your messages. Do what the service providers want and you will be surprised with the number of benefits you can net from them.

Bottom line; there is nothing that beats a more interactive sms program. The more you interact with your clients and customers the better is the relationship. Be smart.

How To Build A Website

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Define your budget
This building step is important because sometimes, getting a basic plan for a couple of dollars per month may worth the investment compare to a free service. For example, it’s possible to find a hosting plan for just a little less the 5$/month.

Decide on the domain
This the address of your website. Unless using a brand name or a combination of keywords, you want an address that your audience will be able to easily remember. You also want to pick a name the will entail the best local search engine optimization strategies.

Collect the content
The traffic you will be able to bring to the site will be closely linked to your content. Make sure you have good quality content. Avoid duplicated content. You must bring value to the internet to increase your chances of success.
Look for a hosting companies
At this point, you are pretty much ready to create your site. It’s just a matter of finding the company that will host you website. A quick online search will return a list of hosting companies. Read their offers, their reviews and make a list of top 5.

Compare the website builder they come with
Now going through that list of your top 5 web hosting companies, look for the in-house website creator tool. They should have videos, documents about how to use it. You should look for the one you think you’ll be able to use to create your site. Some may offer a trial period and this may be the best way to try as many as possible before making the decision.

Sign up for a year of hosting
So you have the hosting company with the website builder tool you want to choose. The next step is to to go to an account and signup. Either you are going for a free or paid service, read carefully the contract.

Register your domain
This concerns the availability of the internet address you chose in the previous step. Ideally,signup for a hosting service that provide a free domain registration during signing up for an account. If it’s not the case, an online search for domain registration should return various services providers. Make sure to compare their prices.
One other thing you may want to consider is the domain privacy. Some registrar offers it for free! Once again, you want to pick a name the will entail the best local search engine optimization strategies.

Select a theme
It may take a couple of hours before you are able to access your domain. But meanwhile, you can login into your hosting account and look for a theme for your site. The theme is the framework around which your site will be build, the design and colors are already selected (you may be able to change the colors on some themes). You should also start looking at the website builder tool to hit the ground running once your domain is available.

Create the site
This is where the fun starts. You should be a bit more comfortable designing your site without needing to write any piece of code. Use the website builder and the theme you selected. Use the tutorial, the documents, the FAQ section or the support for any assistance during the site building process.

Publish your site
Finally, all the content have been put together on the site. Follow the instruction on how to publish your site to the internet!

How To Build A Shed

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Here I am going to give you basic simple instruction to build your shed

STEP 1: frame construction
Fast you begin by leveling the ground to ensure the ground where the shed is located is flat and level then lay down cinder block to give a strong support to the foundation. To support the deck floor structurally you need 4 by 4 posts cut properly, once cut they are eventually trim their end of each post a 45 degrees angle. Take the 4 by 4 posts and fit them in position on the cinder block and use a 4-foot level to ensure that the posts are leveled.

STEP 2: deck creation
Now with the frame in their position .First you need to install the 9-foot side pieces before installing the 4-foot end pieces. The feet should be laid side by side while highlighting the site of joists on each fleet to ensure that the joist will be spaced evenly at 16 inches. Now you can cut to the length with the 2 by 6 joists, start securing the joists to the frame using the framing nail. Now that the joist are in place you can now install the decking , securing the board decks to the joints using gun screw .cross check each piece and install with a side up nicer. Install the decking board along the edge of the board by allowing it to overhang the frame edge by a half an inch.

STEP 3: walls building
Start building your walls using the completed decks. For each panel of the wall 8- foot tall lay out the pieces to form the sides bottom plate, top plate and spaces between 16 inches. Take a nail gun and secure the pieces together repeatedly until the whole process is completed. Using a frame square you can check overall structure for square as you continue installing the wall panels. Built a narrow wall panel that will help to hold the door.

STEP 5: add the roof
The roof rafters cut from the board are 13 inches tall at the center ad secured with OSB cleats now you raise the rafters and fit them to the headers now to tie them together and add support to the roofing sheet add 1 by 6 strips across .nail the roofing with sealing nails and washers specifically to this type of roof.

STEP 6: windows and siding
Now that the roof is complete you can cut holes for windows and create storage boxes. Here use a reciprocating saw to enable it penetrates through the OSB making certain to cut between the studs. Start to the corner with cut pieces as you move toward the middle, securing the OSB siding with nails.

STEP 7: project complete
Now that the main issues over you can start creating doors and storage tools and installing benches inside. The two doors are made from single sheet of 3 by 4 play wood cut in half’s

Procedural Steps on How to Build an Elegant Flat Roof

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There are factors and consideration to always put in place before you decide on building a flat roof top. Some of these factors include whether you need a warm or cold flat roof, the duration you need to build your roof and the size of joints needed for the roof.

What are the basic materials you require to build your flat roof? The materials used in building a roof will greatly contribute to how long your roof will last. This therefore implies that strong materials will not require constant flat roofing repair. Some of these building materials comprise of steel or the rolled steel joists and roofing timber amongst others.

Once you are ready with all the materials, you should follow the step below to come up with the best flat roof.

1. You begin by making the internal wall

2. The external wall is also very important because it becomes the internal wall under the level of roof extension once the lean is added. This gives the best support for the cavity tray for any added extension.

3. Addition of cavity trays is the next step. This is a necessity in areas where the external wall becomes the internal wall. The insertion of the cavity walls enables water to drop quite far to the adjoining building where it is enabled to drain via the brickwork. The other reason for a cavity tray is to allow water drop to the ground level where it drains via the ground level of the similar wall.

4. Building of Weep-hole via external brickwork. Weep-hole is of great important when building any flat roof. This is because the weep-hole is the point that water passes through once it is from the cavity tray before it finally drops down. Besides this, plastic weep-holes are also used to prevent insects from making nests in the cavity. Most of the weep-holes are perpendicular joints free from mortar but there are also plastic weep-holes.

5. The next step is lead flashing. This is the step that enables you to seal and cover all joints between the walls and the roof.

6. The covering of the flat roof. There are various ways in which you can cover your flat roof. These include the use of roofing felt that needs to be three layers. Alternatively you can also use the Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer which is rubber in nature and therefore long life of your roof. The roofing can also be done using the fibreglass made from mixed resin.

7. Insertion of joist hangers. This step involves the hangers either on top or into the stud walls or the masonry. This is done to carry the end of the joists.

8. Firring is the next step that allows you to level your roof. By firring the pieces, you will eventually do away with raised or uneven points in your roof.

9. Putting in the ceiling joists which should be strong enough to carry the weight of the whole covering. You can also use the roof rafters.
10. Doing the plasterboard. This is for wall and ceiling covering. It can be in different form and very essential as it is a fire resistance.

11. The insertion of void. The types of void are determined by the insulation you will need. It should always be free from moisture to prevent rooting of the roof.

12. Facia board is required as it has many uses but mainly it is for covering the strip to bring about a smart facade.

13. Finally you should make external wall lean to extension.

How To Build A Tree House

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Building a tree house is a fun filled activity. It is also provides a platform of spending quality time with your children while imparting some basic woodworking skills to your children. Well, as with other construction projects, it is advisable to observe the underlying principles that will make this project a success. Besides the construction requirements, it is also advisable to execute your plans procedurally. As you read on, this article intends will shed some light on how to build projects of this nature.

1.Have the rights tools of trade
The first and most important step in construction is to have the right tools use in construction. This step is majorly governed by your understanding about the project. To a first timer, this are some of the tools required by this type of projects:

· Hammer
· Galvanized nails
· Plywood sheets
· Wood water proofing treatment
· Staple gun
· Ropes
· Waterproof tarp
· Choose the right tree
· Table saw
· Spirit level

With the right tools and equipment, the next step is to identify a good tree where you will build your house. Well, this decision is not influenced by the aesthetics of the tree but by the properties of the tree like the height and diameter. A god tree should not be longer than 14 feet and should be strong enough to support the house’s weight.

2.Build the platform
This step plays a pivotal role in determining you success in tree construction. A good design is build close to the tree’s trunk. For enhanced support, it is also advisable to use the tree’s branches as well. A good platform should be flat and stable. To protect the tree for unnecessary damage, it is also advisable to use galvanized nails and ropes.

3.Add the floor
With the platform firmly and safely secured, the next step is to add a floor to your structure. This is done using plywood boards that are mostly placed perpendicularly to each other.

4.Adding the roof
This is made using rectangular boards that are added to the existing structure. Made from wood, the frame is permeable to water. It is therefore important to prevent water from getting into the structure. This objective is realised by application of the waterproof tarp that is stapled on the roof.

5. Adding walls, doors and windows
With the floor and roof in place, the next step is to add the walls, doors and windows. Well, this is rather straightforward the only important consideration is to check to their weight. Avoid hard materials as they would overburden and damage the tree in a way.

Upon completion, it is advisable to make the structure as waterproof as you can. This will add some years to your structure for your children to enjoy. A tree house is a healthy option of making your children enjoy. Instead of spending their time playing video games, this house offers a healthy option of enjoying their free time in the midst of nature’s freshness. On the other hand, it is also important to observe all relevant safety precautions before allowing your children into this unit. A firm ladder and a first aid box are some of the basic safety equipment needed.